Music Publishing Income Streams

In a year where musicians have had to face some of the most difficult times, having a good understanding of music publishing income streams is as important as ever.

Music publishing rights and activities relate to songs (both music and lyrics) and library music. Importantly, these publishing rights and activities are distinct from those relating to the sound recordings of compositions. Continue reading “Music Publishing Income Streams”

Katy Perry sued for copyright infringement, is Marcus Gray the Dark Horse?

This case, brought in the US District Court of California, is between Plaintiffs Marcus Gray, Chike Ojukwu, and Emanuel Lambert who are Christian rap/hip-hop artists and Defendants Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson (Katy Perry), Jordan Houston (Juicy J), Lukasz Gottwald (Dr Luke) as well as a number of other individuals and music publishers.

The allegation was first filed on the 1st July 2014, which claimed that the song “Dark Horse” infringed upon the Plaintiffs’ copyright in the song “Joyful Noise.” On 25th June 2018 the defendants filed a motion for a summary judgement and the Court hearing took place this month.

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The Proposed EU Reforms to Copyright

John Tunnard, Solicitor in Media Law at Taylor&Emmet discusses the proposed EU reforms to copyright.

2018 is going to be a big year for the copyright directive and indeed the digital market reforms. This is because the Commission’s term finishes in 2019 so if these proposals are not in final form by early 2019 at the latest, they won’t get through in time.

The biggest question is whether there is sufficient political will to prioritise and push the remaining controversial areas in relation to the copyright directive through.

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Red Bull Case Study

Intellectual property, like real property, is a tangible asset that can be owned, sold or transferred. The creation, exploitation and protection of intellectual property rights are fundamental to successful businesses and can be a key component that adds value to a business and helps it to maximise its competitive position in its relevant market.

In a recent bid to drive competitive advantage, the energy drink giant, Red Bull, attempted to register their infamous blue and silver colours as a trade mark. Red Bull is no strangers to the trade mark Courts in the UK and worldwide having brought numerous claims with varying success. However, on this occasion, their application was rejected by the EU General Court.
This case was extremely technical and it has sparked much discussion amongst IP practitioners. John Tunnard, Solicitor at Taylor & Emmet explains it all: Continue reading “Red Bull Case Study”