Digital Media

Digital Media

Our Music and Media team comprises lawyers from several disciplines who are well-equipped to guide businesses through the legal complexities and ever-changing world of technology and digital media.

Technology moves fast and with new developments comes new legal risks and issues. It is therefore paramount that you seek sound legal advice when implementing new digital media strategies within your business.

Our lawyers advise on: copyright infringement; branded content, user generated content; domain names; digital distribution of images, sound recordings and music (including downloads and streaming, intellectual property rights and licensing).

We also work closely with our Corporate team who are able to advise on company formation and legal status. (Please click to see more of our Business Legal Services).

Social media

Social Media has made its way into most areas of our lives. We often read about celebrities or politicians who have misjudged a post made on social media to devastating effect. However, fewer people are aware of the legal ramifications that occur when an opinion or joke posted on social media goes far beyond what was ever expected or intended. Not only can the post be libellous or defamatory, but may also be in breach of copyright laws.

Our Music and Media team advise on the many copyright issues which can arise when music, photos or videos are posted online.
It is also important for businesses to regularly review their own Social Media policies and be well informed about what to do when an employee misuses either the company’s, or their own social media account. Such misuse may not only result in personal implications for the employee, but can also be damaging for a company’s reputation.

The experienced Employment Law department at Taylor & Emmet can also advise on employment matters relating to the use of social media. This includes advising on breach of confidentiality; breach of any expressed or implied duties under employment contracts and representation at employment tribunals.

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