“John really went the extra mile for me whilst overseeing and helping me get the best out of my recent publishing deal. He was very knowledgable and really helped to explain and simplify things for me when I didn’t understand. Highly recommend.”

Ed Cosens


“I have to say that John has given the clearest and most succinct breakdown of revenues and rights that I’ve yet heard – and I speak as someone who has attended several PRS seminars on these very subjects.

“The advice was superb, pointed, and very clear – wonderful!”

Dr. A Jackson


“John Tunnard has helped me to negotiate a new publishing agreement. He has done an excellent job and secured more favourable terms than I could have on my own. He took time to go through the contract with me and to explain the ins and outs. His approach was measured and commercial, just what a composer would want in terms of legal representation”.


“I am so very grateful to John for being so generous with his time and expertise. He really knows his copyright law and I look forward to working together in the near future. Thank you.”



“John was incredibly helpful and provided an absolutely amazing service!“

Dr Shiva Feshareki- Composer/Turntablist